Lymphoedema Western Australia

A blog diary of events, meetings, ideas and information to share and interact with therapists interested in management of lymphoedema in Perth and around Western Australia . Other interests as well.


Research into cause of Lymphedema

Memorial Sloan Kettering has a lymphedema laboratory dedicated to finding the cause of Lymphedema. For more information, click here

GP and Lymphoedema

Dr Helen Mackie has written a perspective of lymphoedema and differential diagnosis that I feel is useful for General Practitioners.  Click here for the article.

Lymphedema: How common is it?

Lymphoedema, also spelt as Lymphedema has been identified as an under-recognised medical problem because not much is known as how widespread is the problem. Personally, like other researchers, I faced issues attempting to seek research funding for lymphoedema studies as prevalence data especially of the non-cancer origin was generally lacking. I am so glad that this issue is finally over! There has been a break through of an immense scale. (more…)

To operate or not to operate? Risks involved with lymph-node transplant

There are benefits but also risks with microsurgery in the area of lymphoedema. Informed decision-making would be best.
European Journal of Vascular and Endovascular Surgery, 45(5), 516-520.
The 2013 paper can be downloaded from this link

Head and Neck Cancer-related Lymphedema

How to detect maybe its Head and Neck cancer- related Lymphoedema?  Click here

Breast Cancer Related Lymphedema

Decisions about arm exercise after breast cancer related lymphedema.  Click here courtesy of another website

What is Lymphoedema?

Also spelt as ‘Lymphedema’ in USA. For a simplified explanation, courtesy of National Cancer Institute, please click here

Lymphoedema Head and Neck Cancer

I support the finding that head and neck cancer post-treatment lymphoedema needs to be managed.  See the brief write-up here. Swelling or surgery may likely affect the TMJ (jaw), neck and shoulder range, breathing comfort, etc. See a ‘specialist’ therapist for initial evaluation.

Neck Self Drainage video

This is a simple neck self manual lymphatic drainage by Heather in USA.  Click here to watch her youtube video demonstration.  Happy Holidays.

American Lymphedema Framework Project

Met tireless Professor Jane Armer at the National Lymphedema Network conference, Dallas. Updates on the USA and American Lymphedema Framework, click here

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