CDT resulting in marked reduced oedema and pain in both feet over the years. "Never thought I could return to normal-looking legs"

Complete Decongestive Therapy (CDT)

Compression Decongestive Therapy (CDT) is a recommended comprehensive treatment for lymphoedema. The aim of CDT is to reduce the swelling and to prevent re-accumulation of lymphatic fluid in the body part.

A critical component of CDT is application of Compression Therapy consecutively for an intensive period of time followed by a maintenance period. Compression therapy may involve Compression Bandaging of the affected body part or Compression Wraps, Compression Stockings and/or Compression Pumps. In addition, our clinician may also prescribe ready off the shelf or measure for custom-made compression garments. With a proper fit, compression garments can alleviate pain.

Working together with you, our clinician (Linda) at LK Lymphoedema Centre will help you to restore your range of movement to walk,  exercise, return to work, feel better and ultimately, regain your Quality of Life

Results of our successful Complete Decongestive Therapy

How successful is it? 

  • Swelling in the feet was well-controlled and looked better
  • Minimal pain and discomfort in the feet
  • Carers in nursing home can don on and doff off the patient's stockings far more easily now

How was this achieved? This was achieved through an intensive phase of CDT including compression bandaging, manual lymphatic drainage and finally prescribed custom-made compression stockings (in picture) for maintenance.

Please note that the results of CDT and number of treatment sessions may vary depending on the individual and our clinician will advise at the initial First Appointment. Please feel free to discuss any concerns with her.

Photo taken before treatment commenced and after treatment at the 4 month milestone.

Applying compression bandage after surgery.
Multilayer Compression Bandaging Right leg and Compression Stocking Left Leg