Help! What do I do with swelling (Lymphoedema) after my Prostate Cancer?

Physiotherapist, Dr Jo Milios & Sexologist/Nurse Practitioner, Melissa Hadley Barrett based in Perth, Western Australia host The Penis Project. It is a podcast that covers topics on men’s private parts.  Podcast Episode 138 from The Penis Project, titled ” Meet Brian and Vanessa –  Recovery, Injections, Lymphedema, and 2-3 rounds” shares some insights on their journey dealing with the challenge. I am so proud  and thank the hosts and Brian for coming forth to share such intimate details so that others can learn from his experience.

There is hope for management of lymphoedema swelling impacting on sexual function following Prostate Cancer. Do not despair, you can continue to have a quality of life, just work with your lymphoedema therapist.