Lymphedema: How common is it?

Lymphoedema, also spelt as Lymphedema has been identified as an under-recognised medical problem because not much is known as how widespread is the problem. Personally, like other researchers, I faced issues attempting to seek research funding for lymphoedema studies as prevalence data especially of the non-cancer origin was generally lacking. I am so glad that this issue is finally over! There has been a break through of an immense scale. (more…)

To operate or not to operate? Risks involved with lymph-node transplant

There are benefits but also risks with microsurgery in the area of lymphoedema. Informed decision-making would be best.
European Journal of Vascular and Endovascular Surgery, 45(5), 516-520.
The 2013 paper can be downloaded from this link

Lymphoedema Head and Neck Cancer

I support the finding that head and neck cancer post-treatment lymphoedema needs to be managed.  See the brief write-up here. Swelling or surgery may likely affect the TMJ (jaw), neck and shoulder range, breathing comfort, etc. See a ‘specialist’ therapist for initial evaluation.

Lymphoedema and Weight-lifting

This is a ABC Radio National podcast recording on 3 April with Associate Professor Kathryn Schmitz on Lymphoedema and exercise or weight-lifting.
You can download either via iTunes podcast search or click on the link here