Compression Pump Therapy

A compression pump is simply a device that supplies air to a garment worn over the affected part of the body to reduce swelling and pain. It can be used for people with Lymphoedema, Venous Insufficiency and Restless Legs. It has proven to be an excellent and effective therapy to apply at home successfully. It can be applied even over dressings like in leg ulcers to help wound-healing, if tolerated. Hassle-free therapy that one can do it yourself, as reported by a client. However, in most cases, compression pump therapy is an added treatment with other treatment options.

Pump for armCompression Therapy

Compression pump is a medical appliance so our clinician with the expert knowledge will assess to see if it is safe for you? If yes, then she will prescribe a safe program (settings) and application of compression pump therapy during consultation. The compression pump will be available for rental for a short trial of therapy at home but only after consultation.


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