Education and Self-management

Lymphoedema is a complex and chronic medical condition.

It will be good to have an understanding of what this condition is and how best to manage your condition in the long run.

Our clinician will have a chat with you and share tips on self-management strategies that suits you.

Results of Successful Education and Self-management

The BIG LEG shares: "My problem started about a dozen years ago after my knee replacement and had blood clots and the leg got bigger and bigger. The vascular surgeon removed the problem vein and gave me stockings but I did not wear them much. Then my GP told me to lose weight and make an appointment with Lymphoedema Centre (Linda). I had lost a lot of mobility by then so I took the advice seriously. I had leg infections and leg ulcers and needed Silver Chain Wound Clinic, then I realised wearing the stockings would be helpful. I never ever ever believed that this leg would go down this far. I would like to thank everyone concerned for this success." The success with the leg is directly related to all these things:

  • Taking advice given
  • Using the compression pump daily
  • Weight loss
  • Constant trips to the clinic to update the stockings. As the leg reduces in size, the stockings need to reduce in size.

The above is only my client's experience- who underwent CDT. He is back enjoying his retired lifestyle and his fishing hobby. (Picture with clingwrap was for measuring garment and not part of the treatment option)

Please note that each individual's oedema management has to be tailored and the clinician (Linda) will work with your medical doctor or specialist, as needed.

Education, self-management and treatment plan resulting in weight loss, healed wounds and no more infection.
(Photos included with permission)