What is Lymphoedema or Lymphedema and what causes it?

This is tissue swelling caused by a defect of the lymphatic system which is a part of the immune and circulatory system. Lymphoedema can arise from primary or secondary causes.

Primary causes are congenital in origin that can manifest at different stages of life. That is, at birth, teenage or later in life commonly middle age. Do you have other family members that have similar presentations as you?

The other causes can be Secondary due to trauma; injury; surgery including removal of lymph node(s) in cancer, hip/knee replacement; vascular procedures e.g. vein stripping; radiotherapy, infection, being wheel-chair bound or simply being severely overweight.

There are other conditions that may appear to Lymphoedema, too. Once you have received medical assessment and clearance by your doctor, the clinician (Linda) can help you work out what the possible cause is and how to address the condition.