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Help! What do I do with swelling (Lymphoedema) after my Prostate Cancer?

Physiotherapist, Dr Jo Milios & Sexologist/Nurse Practitioner, Melissa Hadley Barrett based in Perth, Western Australia host The Penis Project. It is a podcast that covers topics on men’s private parts.  Podcast Episode 138 from The Penis Project, titled ” Meet Brian and Vanessa –  Recovery, Injections, Lymphedema, and 2-3 rounds” shares some insights on their journey dealing with the challenge. I am so proud  and thank the hosts and Brian for coming forth to share such intimate details so that others can learn from his experience.

There is hope for management of lymphoedema swelling impacting on sexual function following Prostate Cancer. Do not despair, you can continue to have a quality of life, just work with your lymphoedema therapist.

Is it safe to receive COVID-19 vaccination when you have lymphoedema?

I had a query from my lymphoedema patient this week who was concerned about receiving her Covid-19 vaccination. So I thought it is timely to share a Consensus Document on Covid-19 Vaccination for patients with lymphoedema courtesy from UK. Specifically to acknowledge the experts’ work from the British Lymphology Society and The Lymphoedema Support Network.

This consensus document aimed to give advice regarding vaccination to patients with lymphoedema, based on the best available evidence and expert opinion.

Lymphoedema: Potential for Change

Weight loss and prescribed compression stockings

March is Lymphoedema Awareness Month. Thanks to Australian Physiotherapy Association (APA) for the chance for me (Linda Khong together with Christine Smith) to share some updates in APA InMotion with Lymphoedema: Potential for Change. Cancer-related lymphoedema only contributes to a small percentage of lymphoedema/chronic oedema  cases worldwide. So what are the risk factors to chronic oedema or lymphoedema?

Introduction: Evidence has identified the cause and development of lymphoedema as a result of cancer treatment. In reality, cancer-related lymphoedema only contributes to a small percentage of lymphoedema cases worldwide. Improving awareness and an understanding of other chronic oedemas will contribute to improving outcomes for these patients. The information presented
in this article and the skills of physiotherapists can offer potential change for patients who consider their chronic oedemas as something they have to live with. If you prefer,  download the PDF article with the reference list.


A Different Accolade

PhD candidate, Linda Khong, decided this year to round out her education with a completely extraordinary experience……

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Notre Dame PhD candidate helps create app to avoid Bali Belly

ANYBODY who has travelled to Bali knows the fear of catching Bali Belly.

Notre Dame’s Linda Khong and a team of fellow PhD candidates used this fear at the Australian-French 24-hour Entrepreneurship Challenge recently, inspiring them to create a business model mobile app, in just one day, which would help travellers avoid diarrhoea while on holiday.

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PhD Student Wins Inaugural Australian-French Business Challenge

Notre Dame Researcher, Linda Khong, was part of the winning team at the inaugural Australian-French 24-hour Entrepreneurship Challenge in France.

PhD Student Wins Inaugural Australian-French Business Challenge

Australia Lymphology Report

Lymphoedema Awareness on Channel 10

Channel 10 news for Lymphoedema Awareness Month in March. Watch brave Luke on the news video clip, click here

Study trip to Germany for Advanced Lymphoedema Training

I attended the five-day International Klose-Foeldi Advanced Lymphoedema Review/Refresher course held in Hinterzarten, Germany in July.

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Report in the International Society Lymphoedema Congress (ISL) in Sydney 2009

Linda participated in the ISL Congress in Sydney 2009.

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