Lymphoedema: Potential for Change

Weight loss and prescribed compression stockings

March is Lymphoedema Awareness Month. Thanks to Australian Physiotherapy Association (APA) for the chance for me (Linda Khong together with Christine Smith) to share some updates in APA InMotion with Lymphoedema: Potential for Change. Cancer-related lymphoedema only contributes to a small percentage of lymphoedema/chronic oedema  cases worldwide. So what are the risk factors to chronic oedema or lymphoedema?

Introduction: Evidence has identified the cause and development of lymphoedema as a result of cancer treatment. In reality, cancer-related lymphoedema only contributes to a small percentage of lymphoedema cases worldwide. Improving awareness and an understanding of other chronic oedemas will contribute to improving outcomes for these patients. The information presented
in this article and the skills of physiotherapists can offer potential change for patients who consider their chronic oedemas as something they have to live with. If you prefer,  download the PDF article with the reference list.