Should I use a compression pump? Self manage my lymphoedema?

This is a report from one of my client regarding use of her compression pump:

I’ve had my compression pump for 12 months now and feel it is the best purchase I have made to self manage my lymphoedema. I didn’t get a health fund rebate on the actual pump but got 85% back on the leg sleeve. I am happy with what I spent when I compare that to the cost of having MLD done or even hiring the pump – it paid for itself in less than 6 months (compared to hiring).

I keep it next to my bed (with the leg sleeve and cables in a large basket) plugged in ready to go  – no excuses! I do the  half hour (per leg) massage 5-6 times a week wearing either a Mobiderm or Caresia garment for added benefit although it still does a good job without these. The massage it gives is quite firm but also relaxing and I either read or watch tv while its going on. I can feel it working down then up my leg similar to MLD and it works the back of my leg really well, which is a hard area to do yourself. I put my compression stockings on as soon as it is done.

As lymphoedema is a lifelong condition I accept that self management is the way to go (along with the guidance of a good therapist of course!) and this pump makes that easy to do. With continued regular use I feel my leg is a lot softer than it was and I see a marked improvement in the ankle and calf areas.

Please note that a compression pump is a medical appliance so anyone interested in using or acquiring it should be assessed, pump settings prescribed and monitored by a qualified health professional for safety.