Neck Self Drainage video

This is a simple neck self manual lymphatic drainage by Heather in USA.  Click here to watch her youtube video demonstration.  Happy Holidays.

Lymphedema in the Elderly

Enlightening video by San Antonio STGEC Geriatrics and Gerontological + Palliative Medicine. Intended for health professionals. Click here for youtube video link

Lymphedema experience

This is someone’s experience and journey, via BBC report. Click for story here

Surgery for Lymphoedema

Lymph node transplant is one of the surgeries considered for lymphoedema, outside of Australia.  It is controversial but appears to be of benefit for some people. Click here for online article in NY Times.

Klose Lymphoedema conference

Attended this small conference and Breast rehab workshop held in Oct 2011, Denver Colorado. by Klose Consulting  Excellent. Hope to attend again in 2 years’ time. Click here

LympheDivas armsleeves so Different, Australia

I was in USA recently for a Klose conference (next update) and tagged on a visit to Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York. Their therapists were so generous in sharing information such as this. Apparently, LympheDivas (USA) armsleeves are compression garments but with such vivid designs.

Added 15 May 2012: These are now available in Australia now via LympheDonna Click on website.
WA’s email lymphedonnawa@gmail.com .

The Lymphedema Treatment Act of USA

This is happening in United States.  The Lymphoedema Treatment Act is in Congress, work in progress, click  here for link.

Lymphoedema Video

Presentation by Jeannette Zucker, Lymphedema Physical Therapist from New York’s Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Centre.  This appears to be an introduction to Lymphoedema and related issues in a few part videos. Click here.

Foeldi Advanced Lymphoedema Course

This was the best advanced refresher I have attended.  Professor Foeldi was on-hand with lectures and participate in our complex case presentations.  Lots of learning with Guenter (Klose Training), too.

International refresher (held in English) at Hinterzarten, Germany.  Click here for more information.


June 20-24 class with Prof. Foeldi


Also, visited Medi at Bayreuth and Bauerfeind (Singapore office) on the way back.  Do you know both have ready-to-wear round-knit garments in 2 lengths and almost 7-8 size options?  And Bauerfeind has the Normal and Plus size for each small/medium sizes and so on?

Foldi Lymphology textbook

This is an excellent and comprehensive textbook by Prof Foldi on Lymphology and Lymphoedema. Foldi’s Textbook of Lymphology: For Physicians and Lymphedema Therapists.
Search and google for the table of contents if you wish.
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