Help! What do I do with swelling (Lymphoedema) after my Prostate Cancer?

Physiotherapist, Dr Jo Milios & Sexologist/Nurse Practitioner, Melissa Hadley Barrett based in Perth, Western Australia host The Penis Project. It is a podcast that covers topics on men’s private parts.  Podcast Episode 138 from The Penis Project, titled ” Meet Brian and Vanessa –  Recovery, Injections, Lymphedema, and 2-3 rounds” shares some insights on their journey dealing with the challenge. I am so proud  and thank the hosts and Brian for coming forth to share such intimate details so that others can learn from his experience.

There is hope for management of lymphoedema swelling impacting on sexual function following Prostate Cancer. Do not despair, you can continue to have a quality of life, just work with your lymphoedema therapist.

What is lymphoedema? FAQs on Lymphoedema and Cancer

March 2021 is Lymphoedema Awareness Month once again. There are books available via iTunes’ Apple Books covering Lymphoedema. There is one from Professor Peter Mortimer on Lets Talk Lymphoedema (2017). This time I would like to share my thoughts on a Book by Dr Teresa Lee ( a physiotherapist, NSW Australia).

Her E-book is available on Apple iBooks and and print copies available at

Navigating Lymphoedema – A Guide for Cancer Survivors (2020 version)

Disclosure: I received a free digital copy of the book from the author. However, the comments are mine.

I would like to congratulate Teresa for taking on such a huge task of collating and writing up a much-needed resource tailored for cancer survivors with lymphoedema based in Australia, particularly for those with breast cancer. Teresa’s book is well-structured, logical, and comprehensive in coverage of the commonly asked topics. She covered each topic with the salient points in an unbiased concise easy-to-understand style. I particularly like the “Did you know” snippets that attempt to address points of debate or frequently asked questions.

Lymphoedema is not an easy condition to explain or write about and I feel this book is targeted towards people with a higher level of health literacy. Although there are  pictures and illustrations throughout the book, I would have loved to see more to enhance the visual appeal. Interestingly, in a few instances, I feel that Teresa is sharing her thoughts one-on-one in detail with us as health professionals. Hence, this book may also be suitable for health professionals new to lymphoedema or who want to know more about the condition.

Overall, this is a value-for-money book that I would not hesitate to recommend to those clients who seek more in-depth information, education, and a sense of empowerment to navigate their lymphoedema journey. A labour of love, thank you Teresa for your effort.

Her E-book is available on Apple iBooks and and print copies available at

Navigating Lymphoedema – A Guide for Cancer Survivors

Lymphedema: How common is it?

Lymphoedema, also spelt as Lymphedema has been identified as an under-recognised medical problem because not much is known as how widespread is the problem. Personally, like other researchers, I faced issues attempting to seek research funding for lymphoedema studies as prevalence data especially of the non-cancer origin was generally lacking. I am so glad that this issue is finally over! There has been a break through of an immense scale. (more…)

To operate or not to operate? Risks involved with lymph-node transplant

There are benefits but also risks with microsurgery in the area of lymphoedema. Informed decision-making would be best.
European Journal of Vascular and Endovascular Surgery, 45(5), 516-520.
The 2013 paper can be downloaded from this link

Head and Neck Cancer-related Lymphedema

How to detect maybe its Head and Neck cancer- related Lymphoedema?  Click here

Breast Cancer Related Lymphedema

Decisions about arm exercise after breast cancer related lymphedema.  Click here courtesy of another website

What is Lymphoedema?

Also spelt as ‘Lymphedema’ in USA. For a simplified explanation, courtesy of National Cancer Institute, please click here

Neck Self Drainage video

This is a simple neck self manual lymphatic drainage by Heather in USA.  Click here to watch her youtube video demonstration.  Happy Holidays.

American Lymphedema Framework Project

Met tireless Professor Jane Armer at the National Lymphedema Network conference, Dallas. Updates on the USA and American Lymphedema Framework, click here

Lymphedema in the Elderly

Enlightening video by San Antonio STGEC Geriatrics and Gerontological + Palliative Medicine. Intended for health professionals. Click here for youtube video link

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