Lymphedema: How common is it?

Lymphoedema, also spelt as Lymphedema has been identified as an under-recognised medical problem because not much is known as how widespread is the problem. Personally, like other researchers, I faced issues attempting to seek research funding for lymphoedema studies as prevalence data especially of the non-cancer origin was generally lacking. I am so glad that this issue is finally over! There has been a break through of an immense scale.

The International Lymphoedema Framework (ILF) undertook, coordinated and completed a huge prevalence study “Lymphedema IMpact and PRevalence-INTernational Lymphoedema Framework” project. Known as LIMPRINT that took them 7 years to complete involving 9 countries with 40 sites including Australia and more than 13000 patient data was collected. Prevalence data for chronic oedema is now known for community, residential care, specialist, and acute hospital settings. Findings are reported in the Lymphatic Research and Biology Journal 2019 issue 17 (2) and the 17 articles are free for download here.

For the report on Australia’s study, click here.