Lymphoedema Western Australia

A blog diary of events, meetings, ideas and information to share and interact with therapists interested in management of lymphoedema in Perth and around Western Australia . Other interests as well.


Lymphedema in the Elderly

Enlightening video by San Antonio STGEC Geriatrics and Gerontological + Palliative Medicine. Intended for health professionals. Click here for youtube video link

WA Cancer information

Specific to Western Australia- for providers, patients, etc.  WA Cancer and Palliative Network information, click here

Primary Lymphoedema

A write-up on Primary (Congenital) Lymphoedema from Joachim Zuther. Please see his blog, click here


Simplified video about the lymphatics. A good start. Click here

Lymphoedema experience, Channel Ten News video Perth

With permission, Channel 10 did a broadcast on 4 March 2012 for Lymphoedema Awareness Month.

A brief news video clip about living with Lymphoedema. Click here for video

Lymphedema experience

This is someone’s experience and journey, via BBC report. Click for story here

Lymphoedema Bandaging: Try Coban 2 Layer system

Just completed a workshop for 3M 2-Layer system, originally intended for wound ulcer, to trial use for Lymphoedema.  Different from conventional Multilayer bandaging (Comprilan). To watch video click here

Lymphoedema Awareness on Channel 10

Channel 10 news for Lymphoedema Awareness Month in March. Watch brave Luke on the news video clip, click here

Surgery for Lymphoedema

Lymph node transplant is one of the surgeries considered for lymphoedema, outside of Australia.  It is controversial but appears to be of benefit for some people. Click here for online article in NY Times.

Klose Lymphoedema conference

Attended this small conference and Breast rehab workshop held in Oct 2011, Denver Colorado. by Klose Consulting  Excellent. Hope to attend again in 2 years’ time. Click here
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