Foldi Lymphology textbook

This is an excellent and comprehensive textbook by Prof Foldi on Lymphology and Lymphoedema. Foldi’s Textbook of Lymphology: For Physicians and Lymphedema Therapists.
Search and google for the table of contents if you wish.

Linda Khong: Lymphoedema talk at APA WA Nov 2010

Lymphoedema – What Swelling Is That?

Date: 02/11/2010 (Tues) Time 6.30pm – 8.30pm

Presenter Linda Khong
Cut off date for registration: 02/11/10
Telephone Number: 08 9389 9211

This presentation, organised by Australian Physiotherapy Association‘s WA branch for members and also non-members, will cover differential diagnosis of swelling,….brief introduction to lymphoedema including types, stages, management based on “International consensus: Best Practice for Management of Lymphoedema”. Training opportunities in Australia and other updates will also be included.

Linda Khong is a fully-certified Vodder Lymphoedema Physiotherapist and is accredited with the National Lymphoedema Therapists Register She is also a Senior Breast Physiotherapist with Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital. More information regarding this can be found on her blog

Updated 2019: Linda’s clinic is LK Lymphoedema Centre, Claremont

Vodder Manual Lymph Drainage video

Click here to watch video

Vodder’s scoop, pump, rotary technique and more.

Le Duc

Le Duc is another school of thought for Manual Lymphatic Drainage. I do not know of anyone trained in Le Duc so I am unable to comment on this. Look up Le Duc UK

Updated 2019: It is now known as Lymphoedema Training Academy

Foldi Clinic Germany

This is one of the reputable Specialist Clinic in Germany for Lymphology.

Professor Foldi. Foeldi klinik or Hospital

Vodder Austria at Walchsee

Bi-annual Dr Vodder Review but in Vodder Austria this time!

WA Cancer and Palliative Care Network

Good resource of contacts

Lymphatic System Basics: Video Lecture

I think this is a video lecture intended for medical students and the lecturer excellent. I found this video a good basic refresher…

I will try to post a few articles regarding basics of the Lymphatic System later.

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