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The Australian Lymphoedema Professionals is an online members-only interest group established in 2004 to link health professionals who work or have an interest in Lymphoedema.


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Team Lymphoedema Management Service cum-dinner 2007

How are you, JJ and  K?

Bi-monthly Lymyphoedema Therapist Special Interest Group (LTSIG) meetings: 2010 dates

The Lymphoedema Therapists’ Special Interest Group (WA) meet bi-monthly in Perth. The group attendees include both public and private therapists such as physiotherapists, occupational therapists, nurses, massage therapists, etc.  It provides a local network of therapists to present, meet and discuss professional issues.
Projected Monday meeting and topics (to be confirmed later) dates in 2010 are:
Feb 1
Apr 12
Jun 14
Aug 2
Oct 4
Dec 6- Christmas and year-end wrap up

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