Can chronic swelling be treated?

Chronic oedema is a serious progressive medical disorder that should be treated promptly. This photo represents a typical case of of chronic swelling in the ankles and legs that have been  left untreated for more than 10 years. It is probably due to longstanding incompetent leaky veins in the legs and repeated infections over time. Do you notice the discolouration, brown staining, change in skin condition (thick and dry) and overall enlargement of the legs and feet that developed? These changes makes day-to-day living challenging such as finding footwear that fits, walking and balance can become an issue.

The ‘after’ photo is the same patient’s leg after only 2 sessions within 6-weeks. There is reduced swelling and the skin looks better. The patient reported that her legs feel lighter so exercises and overall mobility has improved. Importantly, diuretics (water tablet) was not used to achieve this effect. Reach out to LK Lymphoedema Centre for a bespoke management approach suitable for you. Book an appointment online.